Upgrade to our brand new bonkers Double Deerstalker.

Includes: 2 hours earlier start in front of the pack, dedicated halfway pitstop with hot tea and snacks, special t-shirt and medal, and full mountain safety cover in place. Are you hardy enough to take on the challenge?

Everyone knows this is probably the hardest off-road-Tweed-clad-pipe-lit-plus-four-and-headtorch-wearing run that exists. We send you across rivers, through forests and over a mountain or 2 in the pitch dark of a chilly March night. 

A few years ago, after too many whiskies and a Traquair Bear Ale (or three), the Laird mused of sending folk round his ridiculous course for a second lap. This was dismissed as the mumblings of an overly eccentric man of tweed.  It was considered that no off-road-Tweed-clad-pipe-lit-plus-four-and-headtorch-wearing runner of sound mind would ever consider going around twice. “Not possible” they said. Well “lets see” said the Laird. So, we are proud (and slightly apprehensive) to introduce the Double Deerstalker. 

As if Deerstalkers are not crazy enough, there is now the chance of a wee warm up lap before heading off into the darkness for lap 2. That’s double the river crossings, double the mountains, and double the bragging rights at the After Party.

On top of all the standard Deerstalker inclusions, you’ll bag yourself:

  • 2 hours exclusive free run of the course (before Deerstalker wave 1 sets off)
  • Full Mountain & Medical safety cover in place
  • Special Double Deerstalker T-shirt
  • Golden Double Deerstalker Medal
  • Double Deerstalker private Pit Stop at the end of lap 1 (with hot tea & snack station to re-fuel)
  • Double Deerstalker race bib number. Wear this prominently to help us distinguish you on course.

So How Does This Act of Folly Work?

There is a special start wave for the Double Deerstalker at 1530. The course is open just for Doublers with all the marshalling and safety in place. This leaves the course as clear as possible, with maximum chance of making back to Traquair House to start the second lap before the last Deerstalker wave goes off at 1830.

At the end of the first lap you will not re-enter the event village but access a dedicated snack and tea stop, where you will collect your Lap 2 wristband and be sent of into the gloom for a real test of character. Our Pit Stop will offer basic fare such as sweets, water, isotonic drink and tea. Your preparation should include a nutrition plan that is independent of our Pit Stop and see it merely as a bonus.

Is 3 hours a realistic time to finish lap 1?

We think that this is possible for a well prepared person that likes such a challenge. The average time for the Mighty Deerstalker single lap is 2 hours 10 mins and that is in darkness and with the masses. For lap 1, Double Deerstalker will have daylight and clear course in their favour. Lap 2 will undoubtedly be slower as the daylight fades and temperature drops, with the trails being churned up by other runners. We will not let you start lap 2 after 1830 as you would be behind the sweeper team and we need to ensure you have plenty of time to complete the course while being within the timings of our safety systems.

What if I the second lap becomes too hard?

There are points where we can send you via short cuts. This may be your choice or enforced upon you depending on the time and conditions. So even if the distance, water, hills, cold and darkness (sounds inviting doesn’t it?) become too much, we can keep you running to the finish line where a medal awaits and you can start planning your attempt the following year.

How do I get my Double Deerstalker medal and tshirt?

Tshirts are collected pre-run during the registration process (don’t forget your photo ID). Wear this on course so you can encourage fellow Doublers while receiving pats on the back from other Deerstalkers.

Medals are collected at the finish line. All finishers receive the Mighty Deerstalker medal. Double Deerstalkers should show their Wave 2 wristband to the marshals and you will be awarded with a second medal with a splendid Double Deerstalker lanyard ribbon.

Still interested in having a go?

Great! If you have already entered the event then upgrade by logging in and visiting the Mighty Deerstalker ticketshop here, there will be an upgrade option to purchase. We will then move you into the Double Deerstalker wave automatically.

If you have yet to enter but fancy a go, then go through the entry system here and select the Double Deerstalker options.