The Full stalker and the Half Stalker start in waves every 10minutes between 17:30 and 1840. Wave 1 at 17:30 is reserved for Full stalkers only..
You should be prepared to get wet up to your waist, and probably your arms beyond your elbows. We don’t plan for you to go underwater.
No. The course is fully waymarked.
Harder than you think & more fun than you can possibly imagine! Study all the event materials carefully so you come well prepared.
The only kit you’re not likely to have is a headtorch. Make sure you buy a quality one and have at least 1 practise running with it at night. Other kit is down to personal choice to cope with the prevailing conditions i.e. waterproof jacket, thermal base layer, trail shoes, hat, gloves etc.
We only ask that your outfits do not obscure your vision, your movements or the progress of other runners. Remember also that there may be mandatory equipment requirements for this event, depending on the forecast or prevailing weather. This is likely to make your Mankini inappropriate.
We have never had mention of illness, despite participants overcoming wet/muddy locations with varying water quality. We strongly recommend that you follow these simple precautions: cover open cuts and wounds before the event; wash your hands and face after the event – the latest anti-bacterial hand washes are good for this; do not handle food unless your hands are clean or it is held in a wrapper; and do not drink the water from rivers, ditches or ponds – as if you would!
You can purchase t-shirt and hoodies from the Rat Race Store online or on the day.
Due to space restrictions, we ask that your tents are not larger than 12×12 feet each (approx 3.5×3.5m). Space is limited so please keep this in mind when deciding what size tent to bring. Camping pitch sizes are not guaranteed so if in doubt, please check with the organisers. NO COMMUNAL GAZEBOS PERMITTED.
No BBQs of any type, no open fires, and no large “Calor gas” style bottle cooking/heating appliances. Small personal gas stoves are permitted if used responsibly, but we encourage you instead, for the safety of everyone camping, to use the onsite catering facilities we have provided for you.
The Deerstalker has never revealed its true distance and this fact is closely guarded to this day by the Laird and his Ghillies (and anyone with a GPS watch). But we can safely tell you that the Half ‘Stalker is at least 10k and the Full ‘Stalker is significantly more than that. The Full serving is not as long as a half marathon though. Call it somewhere in between. Almost exactly in between, in fact. But remember, this is no flat-as-a-pancake jogger’s dream. This is serious Scottish mountain running. Check out the course map & route profile HERE 
No. Flyers are forbidden on the premises as they are litter and are contrary to our pledges given to the landowner. They are litter and charges will be levied for litter collection and advertising fees against those that distribute such items them on the event premise. Please see our terms and conditions of entry for information about the charges levied.
There is a water station on the course, the Half Stalker passes it once and the Full Stalker passes it twice.

No. We do not offer refunds but we do offer event transfer vouchers, so you can put your credit to another event. We need 10 calendar days’ notice prior to the event to make these changes plus you will need to pay a £15 or 15% (whichever is greater) cancellation fee. Our pricing structure rewards those that commit furthest in advance and we recommend customers hold the appropriate insurance to cover non-attendance for issues such as illness or travel problems. You can view our transfer policy hereTransfer requests can be made here. You can find full Terms and Conditions here. 
You need to be at least 16 years old on the day of the race. Everyone aged 16 or 17 must provide parental consent for their participation, which must be brought to the registration.
We will close entries when each event is full. Last year’s events sold out, so don’t leave it too late! 
No. Where there is any risk due to water levels full safety cover is in place where required * Full immersion in water is always subject to weather and environmental factors in these events. 
The events are in March, which means it could be wet and it could be chilly. You should prepare for the weather conditions and run in what you feel most comfortable in for a tough run, in March at night, which features mud and water in healthy doses! Robust off road trainers should be used. You will be getting wet therefore wear shorts, socks and footwear that will dry/drain quickly afterwards, if possible. In all events, you will also be getting muddy. Check out the apparel in the Rat Race Store for some inspiration and kit picks for the event which makes a great base layer under a fancy dress costume.
The course is designed so that all obstacles are achievable, even if you have to rely on other runners to get help you through it. This is part of the challenge. Skipping an obstacle will only diminish your sense of achievement and it will mean that you have not completed the course properly. If you have an injury, then you must consult your GP on whether it is appropriate to take part in the event. The GP is unlikely to be able to comment on specific obstacles, and it should be seen as a running event-with-obstacles for a full body work-out. If you have a fear, then this might be the event for you to confront that fear.
Yes, they are allowed at the event village only as long as they are on a lead, under the control of their owners & are cleaned up after. Dogs are NOT allowed to take part in the runs.
If you think you’re going to be on the course for a long time, get a place in an early wave to give yourself the best chance of completing. We’ll never leave a participant out on the course without the full cover of our safety staff, but due to the dark and remote nature of these events, we reserve the right to impose a course short-cut if deemed necessary. 
No race materials are sent out before the event but those who have pre-purchased car parking tickets will receive them in the post. 
Online sales will close at Midnight on Thursday 7th March. We will post your advance parking pass to you on Friday 23rd February, second class. This should take 2-3 working days to arrive. If you forget to bring your parking voucher you will have to purchase another ticket on the day.
Online sales will close at Midnight on Thursday 7th March. You can still purchase an advance car parking ticket for £5 on the day if you arrive between 14:00-16:30. After 16:30; Standard car parking tickets will be available at £10. 
There will be 2 different types of car parking tickets, Advance and Standard. Advance tickets cost £7.50 and are available to purchase online until Thursday 7th March. You can still purchase an advance car parking ticket for £7.50 on the day if you arrive between 14:00-16:30. After 16:30; Standard car parking tickets will be available at £10. Parking is free after 18:30 on Saturday 3rd March; you will not receive a ticket for this.
Solo entries are not transferable – you can’t give or sell your entry to anyone else. If you no longer wish to take part you can obtain an event credit to the value of your entry fee paid (terms and a fee apply) which you or another person can use towards next year’s event (or any other Rat Race event). If you have purchased a team of 5 or more runners, you can add or change team members up to 10 days before the event.


By entering this event you agreed that you have entered in your own name (not nickname) and will bring photographic ID to event Registration to prove your identity. If you cannot prove your identity at that time then you won’t be able to complete race registration and therefore won’t be able to race. You also agreed that in such cases, no refunds will be given or transfers to future events offered.