Billed as the UK’s toughest off-road run, is Rat Race’s extreme event on the Scottish borders as bad as it makes out? No – it’s worse.

I am in a real-life version of the Blair Witch Project. Snot is streaming down my face; my breath has turned into short, panicked gasps; and barring about a metre’s visibility from my headtorch, the woodland around me is pitch black and unnervingly quiet. I want to cry – but I’m afraid the tears will freeze my eyes in their sockets. There’s no time for tears, anyway.

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The Mighty Deerstalker Expose – Road Trip Part One.


Occasionally I’m prone to having a moment of madness. I’ll have a stupid idea and then need somebody in my life to slap me around the face and say “Pete, stop being a dick. What are you thinking?”

Actually, to be fair, I do have somebody like that in my life – my Mum – but, of course, when I came up with my latest brainwave I didn’t call her. I spoke to a group of people who are maybe even crazier than I am.

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The Mighty Deerstalker – The Sequel

By Life and Lifting

And that’s the beauty of Deerstalker. If you run when can, walk when you have to, even crawl if you must (or when it’s absolutely necessary), it will provide you with the best experience of your racing year.

It’s the biggest night race in the U.K., it’s the only race of its kind, and it doesn’t disappoint. It’s hard, it’s hilly, but it is absolutely worth it. 

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The Mighty Deerstalker 2016

By Richard Wright

Today I feel like I’ve been beaten up by men with sticks. Tweed-clad men, with fire-hardened walking sticks. Dozens of tweed-clad men dancing about in the Scottish Borders doing a weird, howling dance and thrashing me with their fire-hardened walking sticks. 

It’s supposed to be one of the toughest off-road obstacle type races in the UK. Having never attempted any of the other ones I can’t really speak to that. I can say that it’s been put together by gibbering, sadistic lunatics. I’ve never met them, obviously, but I’ve now tasted the fruit of their madness.

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