How Far is it?

Back in 2005, when Rat Race was being run from the back of a characterful-yet-cantankerous old Ford Cortina,  we chanced upon a splendid ruddy fellow going by the name of The Laird. He invited us to his fine Estates in the Scottish Borders with the promise of setting about creating a unique mountain run in the dark with lashings of natural obstacles and a few brisk river crossings. He described it as a 10k. What he did not divine to tell us at the time was that his “rounding exercise” was completed after a whisky or two. Of course, back in the Noughties, when Men were Men and young Britney ruled the Charts, a GPS watch was something that NASA issued to its astronauts, not a timepiece for the common Man; so we trusted his judgement and went along with it. How wrong he was and how feckless we were!

You may hear the echo of his jowly laughs as you scale the scree or wonder when the finish line will appear whilst you are well into your 14th kilometre. Join us with your head-torch and be part of the incredible stream of light that flows through these Scottish hills at this year’s Mighty Deerstalker. Bring your own GPS watch and maybe, just maybe, you will unravel the riddle and uncover the true distance of ‘The Mighty,’ laying to rest the Legend of the Laird once and for all. Or you  could just google it. Someone will have posted a profile somewhere….